Sunday 8 January 2012

Gaymers Original Cider

How can I go nearly a year of writing these reviews and not have tried all the main brands on the supermarket shelves? OK, I can hear the purists shouting 'easy' from here! So, I missed Gaymers Original out. I have to say, having quite liked some of their more specialist ciders I am approaching this expecting something a little less distinguished.

I see no reason why we shouldn't just cut to the chase on this one. After all, Gaymers is a well known brand in the UK who produce a lot of cider using 'industrial' methods. And we all know by now that I regard these things as mere commodities... a drink to put profit in the pockets of the shareholders.

Oh. I ought to say something about the apples though, hadnt I?! Well, I have met a few growers this year and had the pleasure of talking to them about their dealings with the large producers (if it comes as a surprise to you that the main producers actually do use UK apples, well it shouldn't. Its what they do with the juice of those apples that wouldn't surprise many!) And I have to come to the conclusion that Magners, Gaymers and Bulmers have access to some absolutely fantastic apples - both in terms of the quality of the fruit as well as the range of really good varieties. I guess my cry would have to be - if they can get such great apples, why can't they produce a great cider? It is surely plausible, if not quite possible under economies of scale etc.

I said I would get on with this though eh. Why dont I!!

Well, it is a pale golden cider, with a whiff of aroma to it (but not an awful lot of it). What I have noted, however, is that I think I can smell a tiny bit of sulphite too. A lot of ciders have this (a lot of cider makers use So2), but I am surprised at this Gaymers having it.

To drink, there is a touch of tannin in it - a lot less than I must admit I had expected. Having been on an orchard that supplied Gaymers in which the apples positively oozed with tannin I would have thought there would be more.

Apart from this, its a safe cider. Admittedly, it is not Magners - nor Bulmers. It does taste different. However, it is toned down for the masses with a good (as in high) fizz and very little depth. The aftertaste dissapates quickly and what there is of it is stable, light and cidery.

Well, I guess it was to be expected. Its another benchmark cider and I am sure that Gaymers would not say its their best. It scores 49/100.

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