Tuesday 6 December 2011

Brothers Bitter Sweet Apple Cider

So, after this one, I think I may have ticked off pretty much all of the main cider 'like' drinks that make up by far the largest bulk of cider produced in the UK. I find that thought rather sobering to be honest, and whilst I have really (honestly) tried to maintain an open mind about these drinks they really don't end up surprising me on so many levels.

But, an open mind I must keep as I try the Brothers cider. Once again, I was shocked to find a cider from Brothers that actually had an apple variety! Without going into its contradictions too far, I must admit the Brothers marketing team have gone to town on the packaging (although I fear they may not be as familiar with cider as they ought). The idea of a bittersweet cider that is 'crisp' is a little bit of a mystery... or maybe what they mean by crisp is different to what I mean?!

Of course, the Showering name has a long history in commercial cider production. Well, not so much cider actually but do you remember Babycham? Well,  that was made by Showerings. Now, the sons of the Babycham Showering (I believe) have turned their hand to making commercial ciders once again.

Anyway, best get on to the drink eh. So, what am I expecting... a very light colour, high carbonation and a smell that is more apple juice than cider... that is, going by its predecessors. Well, it has the high carbonation (check!), is crystal clear (check!). But hold on, it is golden in colour and faintly smells cidery without much apple juice going on at all. It is rather a faint smell, but it is definitely bittersweet and there is a hint of tannin in the smell too.

And then there is the taste. Bah. Its isnt medium dry by a mile - it is massively sugar loaded and that kills the promise of tannins dead. In fact, sweetness is all you get right the way through the drink. Pooh. Disappointing when I was hoping I would be wrong! It feels engineered, and I guess fits in well with its competition.

Now I have to finish it:-( There are so many more interesting, appealing and natural ciders out there, even ones that are pretty sweet themselves. I guess, if you are drinking a Brothers cider, next time why not give Henney's Apple Sweet a go. I very much doubt you will be disappointed!

Sorry Brothers. Even with a (semi) open mind, it doesn't satisfy me (personally!) A score of 39/100.

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