Saturday 22 October 2011

New Forest Cider Kingston Black

I think anyone reading this blog will think I am showing favouritism to New Forest Cider. It could be that whenever I visit somewhere (like a cider maker) I will try to buy a range of their drinks. I do try to space them out a bit though... but then I am a bit of a fan of their cider anyway so I have no idea what I am apologising for.

I guess a lot of the full juice ciders I have tried have been from outside of the Herefordshire (et al)/Somerset borders. And whilst I do think that a hell of a lot of cider is made inside 'ciderland' one of the things I am very encouraged by is the number of cider makers outside of that territory. Cider, traditionally, was mostly made by farmers who did so as a part of their occupation. And this was not restricted to certain parts of the UK... so I am pleased that the passion to make quality cider does not respect location! Incidentally, its only because I havent visited Somerset etc. for a while - I usually do a fair amount but just not this year so far.

Another Kingston Black single variety. As good as it is as an apple, does it make an outstanding cider? Hmmmm. This is a beautiful cider, I have to say - to look at, that is. Its deep and golden, with an aroma to match. Big cider apple smell, you know where you just know it is full juice and alcoholic!

The taste is incredibly fruity and tannic. A bit sharp (which is what you should expect from a bittersharp apple) but its not too much. Sure, its unbalanced - its made from a single variety - but its a tangy fruity cider. Its a bit like the apple equivalent of a juicy orange:-)

I do think it's a shame it has been filtered. Mind you, the taste is still fresh and strong. Not exactly bone dry (a little sweetening perhaps??). The aftertaste lingers and its really very nice.

And score? What do you know, its another silver with 82/100. I guess my comment would be its a little limited through its filtering, but still retains its fruity, gently tannic and rather more-ish.

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