Tuesday 13 September 2011

Sheppy's Bullfinch Sparkling Medium Cider

Now, this is a classic design from Sheppy's. I am talking about the label, but it does make me wonder. It is so out of step with their other labels that there must be something in it.

On pouring its a bit of a flourish, although it dies down nicely. It is still quite a sparkling drink though - and being a medium I guess its meant to be what my cider friends call a 'ladies drink'. Surely there must be a better way of saying that, but I guess most will understand what it means. Mind you, at 7% its hardly a knock over!

The smell is all bitter sweet and sweetness. Its also (as usual) a nice golden colour. And at first taste its really quite a nice light cider - it has tannins to it, although mild is what is marked on my paper. It is also rather sweet - and this goes well into the aftertaste, which is surprisingly long.

Bullfinch presents me with a bit of dilema. Its far too sweet for me, and its a light, sparkling cider with an old fashioned label. Yet its actually rather an enjoyable experience. I have no idea why I would find this on the back shelf of a specialist cider shop, when Sheppy's have poorer ciders on the shelves of the local supermarket... well, actually I do. People don't want cidery ciders - they want alcopop ciders. This one is certainly sweet enough for most people... but there you go. I guess we all want the general punter to advance their taste buds and buy a more complex and interesting cider. Its an ongoing battle. One I think that has a place for Bullfinch.

It scored 73/100 and earns (I think deserves) a bronze apple. Not the best in the box, but I wouldn't say no.

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