Sunday 14 August 2011

Johnsons Goobledegook Cider (GBBF)

From the Isle of Sheppey in Kent comes the next review. I am sure it ought to be 'Gobbledegook', but I will go with the spelling given by CAMRA. Johnson's are a very small concern, making cider from their own orchard (as I can't find a website, I cannot give too much information on them).

This is exactly the sort of cider that is promoted at beer festivals. Stuff that you cannot easily get anywhere else. I did notice a few that were, lets say, easily obtainable. However, for the most part, GBBF did very well to provide a huge and bvroad range of ciders from all over the UK.

Now, as far as reviews go, this one is (I think) perhaps the most scrutinised. Mainly because three of us were drinking it and making comments about it. So, the scoring ought to be pretty well accurate for it eh!? And for once all who tried it were i pretty much the same opinion. It is very good.

On the nose, it is pretty faint. Its also pretty clear too (Not that you can see it in the photo!!) Could that be a touch of filtering... although I have really no issue that this my have just dropped very bright. It happens more than you might think - which is why I do wonder at the excessive nature of some filtering!

It as a bit of acid to it, as well as a moderate tannin. A very nice and fairly simple taste to it as well. I suspected that this was a mixture of desert and cider fruit... but that is so difficult to work out when there is both tannin and acid present. Its in a nice balance though, which makes the cider really very drinkable.

It is dry though. The '6' classing (very dry) is just about right for Goobledewhatever. Not a bad aftertaste either (though its still pretty dry on the tongue.

If only it could be an easier name to spell:-)

It scored 78/100, so goes onto the bronze apple list of really very good ciders.

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