Wednesday 6 April 2011

Thatchers Cox's Cider

You have probably heard of Thatchers Katy Cider, made from the desert apple Katy (Katja). However, continuing the theme of this, they also make a cider from Cox's. Both could be regarded as a curious choice for a single variety cider. Desert apples are fairly high in sugar and acid but low in tannin, so I am expecting the cider to be fairly thin or watery with a decent amount of acidity - very much in an Eastern counties style.

Not to go over the top though, this cider is extremely well balanced. It has a little sharpness and a little tannin but, in the main, the taste is of apple sauce - sweet and, well, a sweetened stock cider. It even smells of apple sauce. Very definitely not what I was expecting and, to be quite frank, very disappointing. This is what I can only assume is an engineered product.

Whilst it does have a desert apple undernote, and a fairly deserty aftertaste most of the character has been 'adjusted' out of it. I have no doubt that Thatchers really did press a few tonnes of Cox's (well, probably rather more than a few), and have made this cider from the juice. I am also prtty sure that this has been adjusted  to make the cider taste more acceptable to the masses (I may have said before, eastern cider is not to everyones taste!). Its the extent to which this has been done that makes it a fairly dull and uninteresting cider, in my opinion.

OK, enough Thatchers bashing. This is my journey - I would suggest that people try it for themselves. Its not one that I am likely to rush to try again though.

Score is 53.

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