Monday 21 February 2011

Gaymers Somerset Cider

After the last one, I have been keen to get stuck into this one... and so we move on to the Gaymers Somerset cider.

Now, one thing you ought to know about Gaymers is that its owned by C&C. So if you are after artisan cider, you won't get it here. C&C also own Magners, Addlestones, Bulmers and also produces things like K, Diamond White etc. (which I am afraid I won't be trying on here unless I run out of everything else!). This does not mean that they cannot produce a good cider - there are those out there who would argue this. However, all their ciders will have been made using various 'industrial' techniques and would not be full juice. I wish that they would though... undoubtedly they would be extremely good.

Their Somerset cider is  labelled as a medium dry, with a strength of 5.8%. It is made using Somerset varieties of bittersweet apples. I particularly like the note on the website saying "A lively and refreshing mouthfeel that combines the fruit flavour with a little dryness in a medium length fruit hit." Lets see.

Well, I am not entirely sure about this one. Sure enough, there is a light fizz and an appley aroma to it. Its a little watery - which is common amongst ciders that are mass produced. None of this is so much an issue as its tangy flavour. There is plenty of bitterweet flavour there, and a mellow tannin (almost no acid at all). But its the funky tangy flavour and aftertaste that put me off slightly.

Now, this may be simply that I am not getting it. There is nothing wrong with it (either as in its not a fault, and it is quite drinkable). Maybe I am turning into a cider snob. Thinking about it, I have tasted this kind of tanginess before, but with more tannin to offset it - so maybe its the medium dryness that makes it stand out. And it is right on medium dryness.

The score of 65 probably is how I felt about it. I think I prefer the Gaymers Devon.

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